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You might have seen lots of pics from our BARREtoned pop up in March, but we’re embarrassed to say that we hadn’t actually tried one of their classes until yesterday! This week they offered a whole series of free community classes with their newly trained instructors, so we new had to book ourselves in.

Shaleena is not the biggest fan of barre classes, so I usually try them out by myself but this time I managed to convince her to come along. We started the class with some kick ups to warm up and used two sets of light weights for bicep curls and arm lifts. Next we went through reps of pushups, planks and more weight work, which targeted our upper back.

Then we moved onto the barre. With our toes in relevé, knees bent and backs iron-rod straight, we gradually lowered and raised ourselves. My legs were shaking uncontrollably! The hardest move of all was the ‘tuck’. For me, tuck used to mean sugary treats we received once a week at boarding school…the barre tuck has a much more painful definition! It’s the slightest of hip movements, which fires up your abs and functions to perfectly align your hips beneath your shoulders.

Barre workouts are low impact but target all those important areas to give you the perkiest of derrières! The movements are all very subtle, so it’s less sweating and heavy breathing during the class and more aching the next day.

Keep tucking,

Shaleena and Roshni

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