BUPA 10,000 London 10k Run

Not visible, but wearing my No Jiggity bra for perfect 10k support!

Last year I ran my first 10 k (Run to the Beat), I have never been a runner but always wanted to be one. I always admired people who can run in the foul weather come rain or shine, however, I know I don’t have that much conviction toward running I still wanted to start. After Run to the Beat I had a bit of a runners high and some of the girls in my running group wanted to do another one so we signed up for the Winter Run in February 2015. I trained properly for this run and improved on my time marginally, but it still made me feel better. So as you can imagine, still on my high my cousin and I signed up for one more run, the BUPA 10,000. I did not train for this, I quickly realised as much as I enjoy running in spurts I am not so enthusiastic to train in winter and run in the cold, so as the date came closer I started to panic and began with light jogs on the treadmill in the gym. Eventually the day came and I was dreading it completely, my high was gone.

We drove to the start line in Green Park and I was dreading this run completely but my cousin who is a seasoned runner was trying to assure me that once we’re in the crowd I’d be in the mood to run! Once we got into our respected waves and we were off I thought: stop dreading this and just get through it, the more you run the quicker it will be over. The day was beautiful, the sun was out and the clouds came in patches to cool you down. The route was relatively flat with quite a few turns. It was also very scenic, you pass quite a few landmarks, the race begins on The Mall and passes under Admiral Arch onto the Strand towards the City and then looping back towards Westminster you pass Parliament. Heading back on Birdcage Walk, back down the park then to the finish line.

Once I started running my high started again and I remembered how I felt at the end of the other runs, I was determined to finish. This run was difficult due to my lack of training but I somehow managed to do it and in the same time as my pervious races. My tactic to anyone who feels slow while running is to mentally pit yourself against someone in front of you; once the crowd thinned out and everyone has found their pace I noticed I was keeping the same time as two girls, same age running for a charity in little tutu skirts. I said to myself that I had to be in ahead of them at all times at one point I was a whole kilometer ahead, but then I slowed down and took a breather. By the 9th kilometer I noticed they had caught up to me and I thought: well that is unacceptable, so I took a deep breath and ran faster than then and crossed the finish line before them. It seems childish, but it is a great motivator.

I couldn’t be happier that the run is over, I am not going to lie: my favorite part of the run is receiving the medal at the end. We received a goodie bag with drinks, some bars of food and a t-shirt which I put on immediately. Although my runners high came back, I am not going to sign up for another run until I do some mental training.


Keep Moving,

Shaleena & Roshni

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