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We just kicked off our weekend with an awesome spin session at Ride Republic in Parsons Green! When we arrived at the studio, we were given a little tour. There’s a mini Tanya’s Café in the reception area, which is great for a post spin pick me up. The changing rooms and showers were downstairs and were perfectly equipped for every girly need – hairties, deodorant, straighteners and even razors and shaving cream were all provided for you. The spin studio itself was quite large. We loved the neon sign at the back – you can’t see us too well in the photo but the letters were definitely looking more luminous than we were after 45 minutes of intense pedalling.

We were helped onto our bikes (I always have issues with cleats) and given a bottle of water, some hand weights and a towel. Our instructor, Sophia, had the perfect playlist to give us that Friday feeling. The bikes had a little screen attached to them, which showed you your RPM, gear level and calories burnt. This was really handy as throughout the class we were instructed to hit certain RPMs. I have to confess – I could never make it higher than 100. We started with a warm up and then moved onto some high intensity intervals. Half way through the class we were given some lovely cold, eucalyptus towels to refresh us. We then worked our way through some upper body weight training before powering through some more intense bursts and a final cool down. The last song on the playlist was R. Kelly’s ‘Ignition’, which is one of my most favourite of songs (feel free to judge me)! So I ended the session with some major lip syncing (I know ALL the lyrics) and a big grin.

Keep spinning,

Shaleena and Roshni

What we're listening to: R. Kelly 'Ignition'

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