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Shaleena and I have just signed up to the 14-day trial of So Much More – another multi studio membership system, which gives you access to a whole range of classes at some of the best London studios. We were in need of a good workout after a week of slacking off, so we signed up to TenRX at Ten Pilates. We love the reformer classes at Ten but wanted to try something different.

TRX is one of our favourite workouts. Don’t be intimidated by all the straps – it’s actually a very simple system, which enables you to use your own body weight as resistance. This is great for group workouts, as everyone, regardless of their size, is pushing themselves at the same level.

Our class took place at the Notting Hill studio. There were only five on us in the class so we got lots of individual attention. This was great when we needing adjusting but not so great when we were trying to running out of wind at the end of the class! We started with some deep squats using the TRX and then moved on to some pikes and side planks. In between these reps, we had high intensity intervals of either squat jumps or high kicks. Shaleena and I struggled most with the pikes – those lower abs are the hardest to engage! 45 minutes later we were both red faced and wilting. We’re off on holiday tomorrow so let’s hope our last minute attempt at summer abs worked just a little bit!

Keep piking,

Shaleena and Roshni

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