Working out with Copé Active at Core Collective

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On the 30th July we were invited to Copé Active’s launch at Core Collective. We were given an opportunity to see their amazing variety of clothing as well as take part in a complementary Velocity class with instructor Felix.

To say the least it has been a long, boozy summer with little exercise and more indulgence than I care to admit too. But, if there was any better time to get motivated this class was it, Roshni and I were next to some incredible women who showed us up in every possible way! But as slow as we were, I am pretty sure we held our own in questionable form!

The class was quite small with only eight people, we began with some light stretching and warming up, first jogging/sprinting around the room with changes like touching our feet and switching directions. Then the core work, push ups and burpees, we then moved onto skipping ropes and squats, while four girls skipped for a minute the other four held the squat position, we rotated this a few times until we could really feel the buuuuuurn.

Felix then showed us our next challenge which was a five part circuit, starting off with aggressively hitting a punching bag, moving onto squatting with a weight plate, then crawling with your bum in the air forwards and backwards, then the kettlebell swing and finally the hardest of all, the pull up. While four of us were doing this, the other girls were skipping for a good five minutes, then a switch over. For two girls who are remarkably unfit we did ok for ourselves because watching the other girls really excel at these circuits, I could not keep my eyes off their abs.

And if we thought the pain was over after this, we then went onto doing some triceps dips, Felix the funny guy that he is asked us how many we wanted to do and then shut us all down and said 50! Can you guess who the last two to finish were? YEP, you got it! Roshni and I, but we were being cheered on like it was the end of a marathon (because it certainly felt like it). Moving onto jump lunges and then back to another 50 dips, I could feel all the alcohol from my previous endeavors being sweated our one dip at a time.

The class was not as grueling as I thought it was going to be, don’t get me wrong it was hard and I can feel my muscles aching as I write this blog, but it was completely doable. It also helped that we were greeted upstairs after the workout with refreshments by the Copé team, we had time to mingle and we were also given an incredible goodie bag with cute tee’s from the exclusive shop!

Keep Copé,

Shaleena & Roshni

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