'Give it Another Go' Ballet Class

On Saturday, we hosted our first event as part of our ‘Give it Another Go’ campaign. We’ve been overwhelmed by the responses we’ve received from women who’ve identified with our story of not being the ‘sporty girl’ at school, so we decided to start a campaign to address this. It’s so sad to hear people say they can’t do things. We call can. Maybe we wont be the fastest, strongest or most flexible, but we can still run that 10k, hold that yoga pose and handle any crazy workout that comes our way (even if it does involve some cramps and wheezing).

So for all you non-sporty girls – the reserves, the picked last for the teams – we’re calling you out to give it another go. And for all the sporty girls who’ve given up since school, we hope you find your inner captain again. This time there’s no judgement and no coach, just a bunch of healthy, happy women who like to support each other.

We chose ballet, as it’s something most of us tried out us kids but probably gave up when we thought we had outgrown pink tights or felt too self-conscious in our skimpy leotards. But it’s actually a lot of fun and a seriously good workout! Our amazing ambassador, Karis, founder of En Avant Ballet, led the class, which was held at Egoist Body Studios in Fitzrovia. There was a good mix of abilities in the class and I think we all felt pretty challenged holding our rises for counts of 10! We ended with a bit of champagne (why not) and goodies from Klever Kalories and Cuckoo foods.

It was such a fun morning! We’re working on planning our next events for 2016. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please drop us an email – roshni@bellakinesis.com. In the meantime, please help spread our ‘Give it another go’ message! 

Keep at it,

Shaleena and Roshni

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