Hello, it's 2016

Happy New Year Bellas! We hope you’ve taken some time to switch off and enjoy yourselves. January is always a time for reflection and introspection and we have some great events to put some of your resolutions into action! That being said, we’re not big fans of drastic changes as you’re all pretty awesome to start with! We prefer small tweaks and improved awareness of what we really want to be and achieve.

For Team Bella, 2016 means being more organised and learning to plan and strategise a bit better. We have so many ideas but sometimes we’re a bit all over the place and need to learn to structure our thoughts. Having a startup means that you’re constantly connected to your work, which can become really unhealthy. Learning to switch off and divide our time more effectively is another one of our goals.

2016 is also when we’re going to be pushing our ‘Give it Another Go’ campaign as much as we can. We’d love to hear your stories. You have no idea how much they inspire us! Keep checking our social media for more updates and please share your resolutions with us. We really think inspiration and success are contagious.

In other news, we won Theo Paphitis’ small business Twitter competition last Sunday! Which will hopefully mean that we get to meet the Dragon next month!

Keep going, 

Shaleena and Roshni

What we're listening to: 'Adventure of a Lifetime' Coldplay 

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