Interview with Earthmiles Co-Founder Megha Prakash

We met Megha before Earthmiles and Bella Kinesis had even started. She had suggested a coffee shop in Farringdon and wanted to chat about the possibility of working together. She explained the concept of Earthmiles and how the app reward system would work, it was easy to use and completely brilliant. We were just so happy to be considered to be apart of the app before they officially launched. Over a year later and they're going strong, Megha chats to us about how to business is going. 

Where do you start to develop a business idea like Earthmiles, how did you make it happen? 

I was working on advising technology and media companies in my previous role and really loved the space. When I discussed with my co-founder Som and realised he too was thinking of starting up, the team was set. We both are health & wellness fanatics and wanted to marry that with technology to create something truly impactful that could change the way we think about our lifestyles. Ta da! Earthmiles.

What are your plans for Earthmiles?

We are lucky that we have been so well-received by our UK user base. We are exploring expanding overseas even as we focus on delivering a better and better user experience to all our current users.

What was your background pre Earthmiles and what inspired you to start the company?

Both Som and I were in finance and had been working in investment banking for 6-7 years. I lived in NY for a while, Som lived in HK, but landing up in the UK was great because people here love their health & fitness. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that there is insta-love for Earthmiles for the majority of people here the second they hear about the concept! At the same time lifestyle diseases are on the rise and there was room to create something interesting that might end up helping people be healthier.

What has been your biggest challenge?

I am not technical and Som was not in a technical role for his entire professional life but he taught himself and brushed up on a lot of things and we got together an incredible team. In any tech product building a quality platform is the toughest part and I think we spent a lot of energy and were always focused on building something bug-free and easy to use.

Which Earthmiles feature are you most proud of?

I love the gift-a-friend feature (green gift icon on your reward list) where you can actually do the workout and rack up earthmiles and for only 50 em, gift a reward to your friend. Its available to any friend not already on earthmiles to encourage them to get moving and join up. No matter how “expensive” or hard to redeem the reward is for an individual, we make it easier to gift to another person (just 50 em) because being generous with your time and efforts is the best gift ever!

Out of curiosity what is most amount of Eathmiles someone has racked up?

People are more active than one can imagine. There was a user who was winning most of the challenges after joining up – they told us they cycle 10,000 miles a year. The interesting thing is they also ran a lot and walked a ton too.

As apart of our #BKGiveItAnotherGo campaign, can you tell us your health and fitness journey and any obstacles you’ve had to over come?

Beset with a back problem and difficult schedule like so many young people these days, fitness was always hard to incorporate into the daily grind. I think being able to work diligently enough on my strength and posture so that back pain is not a deterrent in my day-to-day life and being able to be active in any way I like was the best challenge ever! (Knock on wood – I hope it stays that way!)

Keep Going, 

Shaleena & Roshni

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