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Team Bella alongside Ella Mills (Deliciously Ella), Angelica Malin (About Time Magazine ) and Nicola Manning (Guild of Entrepreneurs) as part of a UN Women in Business panel

After being featured in a few publications about women in business, Shaleena and I have been invited to speak on a few panels. Neither of us are that into public speaking. The last time I did it was at my sister’s wedding. It was a slightly different format involving about 100 members of my extended family and many units of alcohol. It’s never been our favourite thing to do but as we’ve said before, our general Bella strategy is to say yes to every opportunity and then figure out the logistics later.

Team Bella at Warwick Business School discussing the role of social enterprises in society 

Once we’d got out heads around the actual speaking part, we started to get nervous about whether anyone wanted to hear what we had to say. There’s something about the word panel that implies some degree of expertise. We have some awesome days with Bella but there are definitely more days when we just feel like we’re fumbling. There is no real strategy. It’s more trial, a series of errors and an eventual result. Over the past three months, we’ve spoken as part of a UN Women in Business panel in collaboration with the City of Westminster, at Warwick Business School on social enterprise and at Brunel University for their Women in Leadership conference. We had some great responses and follow up emails from the audiences. So many people had their own business ideas and just wanted more information on how to take those initial steps to get things moving. We loved being able to share our own experiences and hopefully were able to give some actionable advice on applying for loans and finding a manufacturer. It made all of the initial pain and panic about public speaking worthwhile! 

Keep speaking out, 
Shaleena and Roshni

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