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The Juice Well

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Wearing our Mesh Well bra

My body has been feeling a bit sluggish since I’ve got back from my holiday. Waking up on time has been much more difficult and I’ve been needing my afternoon tea pick me up much earlier than usual. I wanted to get my body back on track so I thought I’d get some superfood goodness in me in the form of green juice.

I headed down to Soho to try the Juice Well, a new juice bar...

Review of 106 Baker St

Roshni and I pass 106 Baker St all the time, glaring into the restaurant since their food always looks amazing. We finally got to go this week and it was everything I had expected, the restaurant was cute and simple and the food was great. There was a mix of smaller tables and one large communal table.

Daniele Pampagnin, who is better known for TOZI in Victoria & former head chef at Shorditch House, founded the restaurant. All the ingredients are fresh and sourced locally from markets and everything is freshly made at the there and then.


Tanya’s Café in Chelsea

About a month ago a picture came up on my instagram feed of Tanya’s Café, from that moment I really wanted to try it. I followed them on instagram and everyday I would see the great things they were cooking and cute inspirational quotes and it only made me want to go more! So finally, we were meeting a friend in the area and naturally I suggested Tanya’s.

When we got there my expectations were high because I had been stalking them on social media for a while. The décor was...