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Ride Republic

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We just kicked off our weekend with an awesome spin session at Ride Republic in Parsons Green! When we arrived at the studio, we were given a little tour. There’s a mini Tanya’s Café in the reception area, which is great for a post spin pick me up. The changing rooms and showers were downstairs and were perfectly equipped for every girly need – hairties, deodorant, straighteners and even razors and shaving cream were all provided for you....

Best Spinning Classes in London

Soul Cycle, the American cult spinning movement, is rumoured to be scouting for it’s first London location. Their first UK studio will be opening sometime this year and we can’t wait to give it a try. As much as we love most things that come over from that side of the pond, we’re pretty proud of our fellow British brands so we thought we’d compile a list of our top spinning venues around the capital.

1 Rebel
I’m sure you’ve seen all the tweets and instagram photos of this beautiful new studio...

Review of Oncore Spinning

Roshni & I signed up for an Oncore spinning class in South Kensington, which was held in a Fitness First Gym. I initially wasn’t looking forward to this class because I hadn’t yet got back into the swing of working out since my sun filled-Christmas holidays. Coming back to the cold I have found it exceedingly hard to get out of the bed in the morning and even find myself falling asleep midday because the sun has gone down.

However, I’ve been forcing myself to workout and my energy levels improved immensely. The studio is a 3...

Review of Boom Cycle

Guest blogpost by one of our favourite Bellas, Sonali Bhojwani, wearing our Speed Racer tank

I have been to spinning classes at a number of different studios including Psycle (London) and Flywheel (Dubai). Each have had their unique selling points; at Psycle I got the ultimate daytime clubbing experience on a bike, complete with awkward dance moves and disco lighting. At Flywheel my torque resistance and RPM were displayed on a giant screen, ranking my progress against the rest of the class. I was tempted by Boom Cycle’s joiner package of £20 for three classes, and have...

AquAllure Pool Biking

I had heard about pool biking and had wanted to try it for a while, so Roshni & I finally signed up for a class last week with AquAllure, London’s first pool biking class. The class was in Dolphin Fitness Club, which was a five-minute walk from Pimlico Station. When we got to the club we felt like 10 year olds, back at school on our way for swimming lessons. We were unsure of what to wear so we brought bikini bottoms with our sports bras; everyone else was in swimsuits.

Our instructor Gessica was amazing....