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TRX at Core Collective

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Roshni wearing our Speed Racer tank, both in our Cool Runnings leggings

On Monday, a new studio opened on High Street Ken called Core Collective and we were really keen and excited to check it out. We booked in out first class (which is free) a week before the opening! The studio lived up to my expectation, just a five-minute walk from the station, the place was huge and the interior was incredible. It had the feeling of a boutique hotel; the reception has...

Vinyasa Flow at Evolve Wellness Centre

Shaleena and I signed up for a 1 week trial of ClassPass this week. We had planned on trying out around 5 classes during this time but after being completely annihilated after our session at Gym Class on Monday (see previous posts), we needed at least two full rest days!

I thought my body would benefit most from a good stretch after all that muscle exertion so I booked in for a Vinyasa class at Evolve, a lovely studio in South Kensington. The studio is located in a quiet mews, just a few minutes...

Ashtanga at Yogaloft

Yesterday I took an Ashtanga class at Yogaloft in Queens Park with Luiz Vega. When I first took up yoga, I started with a 6-week beginner Ashtanga course but lately I’ve been trying different types of yoga. Ashtanga is very regimented, so it’s great to practice at home as you know exactly what to do but can sometimes feel a bit too repetitive for me. I could feel my strength building, but I was also secretly (well not that secretly) longing to be able to get myself into all the cool...

FreeFORM Board HIIT at Bootcamp Pilates

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Matchy matchy in our Speed Racer tanks and Cool Runnings leggings

As shown above, part of our job is looking a bit like lemons when we're working out. Last week Shaleena and I tried a freeFORM Board HIIT class at Bootcamp Pilates. (Yes, we also had no idea what it was until we saw a video on the Bootcamp Pilates Instagram account and thought we should give it a go!). The Freeform board is like a disc mounted onto a wheeled base, which allows it to...

Yoga at the Shard

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Wearing our Speed Racer tank and Cool Runnings leggings

Destination yoga is probably my favourite pastime. I love my local studio but something really wonderful happens when you take your practice outside and set it in front of a different backdrop. I think it really reinforces the idea that your practice is bigger than your asanas, and you really start to appreciate both the lesson and your surroundings.

On Saturday, I tried Yoga at the Shard with Yogasphere. It’s been on my wish list for a while but...