Zaina x Bella Collection

We are super excited about the arrival of our new Zaina x Bella collection, featuring the work of upcoming artist, Zaina Al Hizami! We met Zaina a few years ago at a party and immediately fell in love with her colourful, geometric artwork. After a few drinks, Shaleena and I (we're literally never apart) came up with the idea to print her artwork onto Lycra and create a limited edition Bella Kinesis collection. It took a lot of sketches, multiple trial prints and several samples to come up with a series of garments that did justice to the artwork and stayed in line with the Bella aesthetic. 

In order to highlight the print as much as possible, we combined the bright colours with simple black and added a few design touches - gold lurex and mesh detailing to really make the garments pop. Working with other creatives really helps us expand our ideas and gives us the opportunity to become bolder with our design choices. It was amazing to collaborate with such a talented female artist. Her work has inspired us to be more courageous and put more of our personality into our garments. 

Artist statement:

Zaina Al Hizami is an international artist from Saudi Arabia. She has spent the last few years experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques, by working closely with professional craftsmen around Europe; mosaicist, sculptors, painters, musicians, graphic designers etc.Her collaborations with other artists is essential to elevating her craft and keeping her inspired. The opportunity to merge her style and technique with those of other artists, is something she is constantly looking for. 

Follow Zaina on Instagram to keep up with her creations.

With love, 

Shaleena and Roshni

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