BUPA 10,000 London 10k Run

Not visible, but wearing my No Jiggity bra for perfect 10k support!

Last year I ran my first 10 k (Run to the Beat), I have never been a runner but always wanted to be one. I always admired people who can run in the foul weather come rain or shine, however, I know I don’t have that much conviction toward running I still wanted to start. After Run to the Beat I had a bit of a runners high and some of the girls in my running...

Review of BARREtoned

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You might have seen lots of pics from our BARREtoned pop up in March, but we’re embarrassed to say that we hadn’t actually tried one of their classes until yesterday! This week they offered a whole series of free community classes with their newly trained instructors, so we new had to book ourselves in.

Shaleena is not the biggest fan of barre classes, so I usually try them out by myself but this time I managed to convince her to come along. We started the class with...

TRX at Core Collective

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Roshni wearing our Speed Racer tank, both in our Cool Runnings leggings

On Monday, a new studio opened on High Street Ken called Core Collective and we were really keen and excited to check it out. We booked in out first class (which is free) a week before the opening! The studio lived up to my expectation, just a five-minute walk from the station, the place was huge and the interior was incredible. It had the feeling of a boutique hotel; the reception has...

Project Fit Express Class in the City

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Matchy matchy in our Speed Racer tanks and Cool Runnings leggings

Every now and again you need a serious pick me up, this week has been a bit a rollercoaster of up and down for us. Where we excelled in a few places we were seriously lacking in others so we decided the best way to get the blood pumping was a hardcore class at Project Fit.

We decided to take the express class at 12:40 with Ben, it was a 35 minute...

Good Life Eatery

We’ve been neglecting our blog! Three days of manning our Be:Fit and being on our feet really took it out if us and we were in desperate need of a break. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our stall, it was so nice to see so many friendly faces. From now on the blog will be back on schedule!

Last week we had lunch at Good Life Eatery with the lovely Caroline from a new activewear website, Copé Active, which is set to launch in June 2015. The eatery...