MMA Betting Tips

If you like to make MMA betting picks, you may have to predict the tactics and styles of your opponent’s fight. Betting on a specific fighter’s win or loss will not always pay off. Rather, you may want to bet on a finisher. Betting on a fighter’s finish can increase your value. Here are some tips to make your picks:

Over/Under Rounds: Another popular MMA betting market is the number of rounds a fight lasts. The fight must last a minimum of two rounds, although some bookmakers will allow you to bet on a combination of these markets. In general, the odds are relatively stable, but if the MMA match goes over the allotted time, it could lead to a tie. Regardless of your pick, you may be surprised by the results.

Over/Under Totals: In addition to the moneyline odds, you can also place wagers on round totals. While it might seem complicated, betting on MMA matchups is similar to betting on any other sports event. The key is to choose your fights carefully and get a sense of the odds before placing your wagers. You may want to check the odds for each fighter to get an idea of how long they will last before the fight begins.

Over/Under: MMA is a competitive sport that has a lot of volatility. If a fighter has a huge advantage over his opponent, you can place a bet that he or she will win. Regardless of which fighter you choose, you’ll still want to make a profit. MMA betting has many ways to make a profit. If you know where to look, you’ll have no problem finding a winning bet.


Over/Under wagers: While the moneyline bets are not the most lucrative bets, they can be a fun way to make extra money. For example, you can bet on how many punches a fighter throws or which color his shirt is while walking into the ring. Depending on which fighter you pick, you can find a lot of value in MMA prop bets. For example, if you staked $100 on Kamaru Usman to win by submission in the second round, you would earn around $300 or $400.

The style of a fighter can also influence the outcome of the fight. An aggressive fighter may seek to knock out his opponent quickly, while a passive fighter might be better suited to fend off initial attacks and prime himself for the later rounds. Physical comparisons between the fighters can help inform other markets. If the fighter is a good striker, he or she will be the winner in the end. Likewise, a strong grappler will likely win.

Aside from the weight, you can also place wagers on the method of victory. If you bet on the fight to be stopped early, you’ll get payouts based on KO/TKO or on the judges’ scorecard. You can also place wagers on the number of rounds, as many fights can last a few rounds. MMA betting is becoming more popular in recent years. The possibilities are endless!