What is Domino?

Domino is a small rectangular block used as gaming object. The face of the domino is blank or marked with dots resembling those on dice. It is variously known as bones, pieces, men, or stones. It is a generic term, while the word dominoes refers to a game of several variations played with such blocks.

A domino can be used in a number of ways, from a simple game of “go around” to a set of complex layouts. The most popular games use a set of 28 tiles, though larger sets are available for fewer players or to play long domino chains. The most popular types of domino game are layout games, which fall into two broad categories, blocking games and scoring games.

Blocking games are those in which the players try to prevent other players from playing a tile with their value. Scoreing games allow players to win by laying tiles with numbers that add up to the desired total. In both kinds of game, the rules vary from one set to the next.

There are many different ways to make domino art, with some of the most impressive designs involving complex curves or grids that form pictures when they fall. Some artists create a layout and then simply wait for the dominoes to fall, or they use a computer program to plan the dominoes’ paths.

In some domino games, the ends of a tile that has been played are not closed; these are called “open” ends and they can be used to connect additional tiles. In general, a tile must be placed so that its open end matches the open end of the next tile in the chain. This produces a snake-line of chains that grow longer and longer until a player wins by completing a full row or square.

When a domino is played so that both of its ends match, the two matching ends are called “stitching up.” Then each tile must be positioned to touch the adjacent open ends. Often, due to space constraints or a simple whim, the new tile will be placed at a right angle to the initial tile. This produces a chain with the same length, but a very different shape.

A domino is much more powerful than we realize, and the way that it can knock over things about a foot tall or more is truly amazing. Watch a video of the domino effect, or read about a physicist who demonstrated the power of the domino.

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