MMA Betting

mma betting

One of the most popular ways to bet on MMA is with moneyline bets or ‘match bets’ which involve betting on a specific fighter to win their fight. This type of wager is often available at DraftKings Sportsbook as well as many other online and land-based MMA betting options. Moneyline odds showcase how much a bet will payout for each $100 wagered, with a fighter listed with minus odds being considered the favorite to win while a fighter listed with plus odds being considered the underdog in the fight.

Another popular MMA bet is on the Over/Under for Round totals, which allows you to place a wager on how many rounds a fight will last. This wager is set by sportsbooks based on the fighting styles of the two fighters, with a grapple and ground style fighter being more likely to force a submission or KO win. However, if a fighter is a strong striker and has the ability to finish fights by knockout, this could lead to a quicker decision victory.

A third MMA bet involves wagering on the method of victory. This can be by a technical knockout, submission or judge decision. This is a bet that can pay out quite high odds depending on the fighters and their style of fighting. For example, a striker with good submission skills may be able to take advantage of an opponent’s weak points and gain a victory by submission. In addition to a fighter’s style, their stance should also be taken into consideration as an orthodox fighter has a distinct disadvantage over a southpaw.

Understanding MMA betting and the underlying factors that influence a bet’s price can help you make a more profitable MMA bet. Oddsmakers and sportsbooks are often looking to balance the amount of money placed on each side of a wager, so knowing how public perception can impact odds can be beneficial in finding a good MMA bet price.

In addition to understanding the underlying factors that influence a bet’s odds, it is also helpful to understand how fighters prepare for their fights. For example, if a fighter is making a big jump in weight class or has been dealing with injury problems, this can have a significant impact on their performance in the fight. It is therefore essential to follow the fighter’s training camps to get a better idea of their chances of success in the fight.

Lastly, it is important to avoid over-betting on an MMA fight. This can be done by being selective with the bets you place and by only placing wagers on those you have a high level of confidence in. In addition, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the fight’s history and to look at the overall health of both fighters. Finally, it is also a good idea to be aware of the fighter’s coaching staff and the team they are working with, as this can have a significant impact on their preparation for a fight.