AquAllure Pool Biking

I had heard about pool biking and had wanted to try it for a while, so Roshni & I finally signed up for a class last week with AquAllure, London’s first pool biking class. The class was in Dolphin Fitness Club, which was a five-minute walk from Pimlico Station. When we got to the club we felt like 10 year olds, back at school on our way for swimming lessons. We were unsure of what to wear so we brought bikini bottoms with our sports bras; everyone else was in swimsuits.

Our instructor Gessica was amazing. Before getting our bikes into the pool she showed us what handles we needed to adjust, what positions we would be in and then how to ‘throw’ our bike into the pool. Gessica was on a stationary bike above us on dry land so she could instruct the rest of us. Overall there were around ten other women in our class.

The bikes were easy to use and were not technical - all you have to do is pedal. The foam pedals create a higher resistance the faster you go, but the beauty of it is that you done feel the burn until you get out the water. At the end when we cooled down we did some balancing exercises while holding onto the bike, which I really felt in my core. The class is designed to burn up to 800 calories in 45 minutes.

The class was fun and entertaining; it is a great class to take with a friend, Roshni and I could not stop giggling at each other. Once the class was over we wanted to take another one and are definitely thinking of making this a weekly thing!

Keep pedalling,

Shaleena & Roshni

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