Possibly The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie...Ever

If you haven’t noticed by now I have a huge sweet tooth & the hardest thing is trying to satisfy your craving healthily. So last week post gym session, a few friends and I were making guac and salmon wraps for dinner and I knew I would want something sweet. I had seen a recipe online for banana baked oat cookies and I decided to make my own version if it and it was the best thing I have ever done. Between 5 of us we ate an entire batch of 18 cookies!


2-3 ripe bananas

½ cup of quick oats

¼ cup of granola

1 tablespoon of peanut butter

Milk or dark chocolate chips

Teaspoon baking soda

Heat oven to 150 degrees and line baking pan with parchment paper, you can also sprinkle the pan with flour to make the cookies lift easier when taking them out of the oven.

Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mash together until there are no chunks of banana. Then scoop out spoonfuls of batter and place on baking tray.


Leave them in the over for 15-20 minutes. They will harden on the top and be soft and gooey on the inside.

These are better eaten when hot but are also delicious when cooled down.

Keep craving,

Shaleena & Roshni

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