Project Fit Express Class in the City

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Every now and again you need a serious pick me up, this week has been a bit a rollercoaster of up and down for us. Where we excelled in a few places we were seriously lacking in others so we decided the best way to get the blood pumping was a hardcore class at Project Fit.

We decided to take the express class at 12:40 with Ben, it was a 35 minute class. I’m not going to lie; neither of us was in the mood for weights and running. On our way in we passed a rib house and was seriously contemplating skipping the work out. But as Roshni reminded me I just bought a dress with a slinky back and could not afford to miss this workout.

We show up just on time, the studio was really big and our class was very small with four people in it. Ben explained to us that we would be half on the treadmill and half on the floor doing mat work. We began with 10 minutes of running and building up our speed, each time we had up our resistance we were given three options as so others had the choice of pushing themselves harder if they wanted to. The highest speed we got to was 12.00. After the ‘warm up’ it was onto the floor, We were told to use weights no lighter than 5 kg, I eventually took 4 kg’s and Roshni also struggled a bit so she eventually took lighter weights as well. We were positioned on out backs and worked on our back and arms muscles and then later incorporated leg movements.

The second round was back on the treadmill. This was the hardest part. We started at a speed of 9.00 and an incline of 1.00, every 30 seconds we had to raise the speed and the incline until we hit an incline of 10.00. Both Roshni and I struggled with this, we had to pause multiple times and felt quite sick afterwards, but we both made it until the end. After this we went back to the mats and works more on our biceps and did some push-ups. Eventually the class was over and we did our stretches. When we were leaving there was a cue of women waiting to come in and take over!

Keep Living,

Shaleena & Roshni

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