Kula Yoga with Sasha Ford

Our Ambassadors Sasha Ford & Sophia Rose are an incredible sister duo! With their combined skills they're hosting an amazing charity yoga event with us on April 29th for The Mann Deshi Foundation. Read all about her journey into yoga and how she started her brand of alternative events. 

Grab your ticket now for her event with Team Bella!

Kula. A Community of the heart. A family. 

Yoga. To bring together. To unite.

I'm Sasha or @ThatYogaMum; I'm a mother, a wife, a friend, a lover of good coffee and a Yogi. I discovered yoga 18 years ago, by accident as a stressed out, bullied 15year old. I fell asleep during that 1st class and have been hooked ever since; embarking on my first teacher training in 2013. My yoga style is constantly changing and developing as I continue to learn from other teachers around the world. Most recently I have taken on professional development courses or workshops with CamYoga, Sri Dharma Mittra, Beach Yoga Girl, Adrienne Mischler and JivaMukti NYC. Yoga is many things to many people so I don't believe in rules or rights and wrongs, however, in my classes three things are non negotiable... great music, an inclusive atmosphere and a long savasana!

Kula Yoga Events came about during a class with American Yoga Teacher Adriene Mischler at The Manchester Academy in a room with 399 other yogis. I decided there and then, in a moment of pure joy that i wanted to promote the idea that Yoga can be a platform in a community to provide so much more than just an exercise class or a quiet moment for a stressed out mind... it can and it should UNITE!  I decided to set up a platform to gather together like minded people, for an inclusive and fun yoga practice with great live music every few months and to showcase local entrepreneurs, craftspeople, artists and businesses, whilst raising money for charities and having fun along the way. 

The basis of any Kula is 'the more we give, the the richer we become'... let's all roll around in the riches and be the change!

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