Review of Total Chi Yoga Bar

A new yoga studio has opened on Baker Street! We’ve been anticipating its launch since we saw it under construction. We would pop our heads into the window everyday to see its transformation into a lovely clean white interior.

When Total Chi finally opened, we were the first ones in to take a tour and sign up for their intro offer - buy one get one free. The studio is absolutely stunning. Upstairs there’s a café serving fresh juices, smoothies and coffee. And downstairs, there are two practice rooms, both of which only fit up to eight people.

It’s a very different from most other studios, where you can sometimes have up to 60 people practicing with only a few centimetres between mats. As a complete novice at yoga, I find in big classes I don’t get the attention I need and I am constantly staring at the person next to me to make sure I am posing correctly. Keeping the classes small means you get a lot of adjustments from the instructor and have a bit more personal space to stretch without worrying about hitting your neighbour!

The studios themselves are very open and airy with massive windows and private outside terrace area. All of the equipment is brand new. It’s clear that a lot of thought has been given to what should be offered in the studio. I really like that they give you grippy mat towels as I often forget mine. There are also complimentary water bottles and lovely changing rooms stocked with all the essentials including hair ties and deodorant. The whole atmosphere is very calming. The décor is very simple and calming. All in all a perfect yoga haven! Get there soon while their intro offers are still on – buy one get one free for your first class and half price offers on class packages!

See you on the mat! Keep bending,

Shaleena & Roshni

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