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FreeFORM Board HIIT at Bootcamp Pilates

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Matchy matchy in our Speed Racer tanks and Cool Runnings leggings

As shown above, part of our job is looking a bit like lemons when we're working out. Last week Shaleena and I tried a freeFORM Board HIIT class at Bootcamp Pilates. (Yes, we also had no idea what it was until we saw a video on the Bootcamp Pilates Instagram account and thought we should give it a go!). The Freeform board is like a disc mounted onto a wheeled base, which allows it to...

Bootcamp Pilates Review

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Shaleena, Nadine and I in our Speed Racer tanks

Roshni & I seem to have a problem with getting up and out for our Monday morning workouts, we always seem to be late for our appointments and have come to the realisation that maybe it just isn’t for us. We had booked in our class at Bootcamp Pilates with our amazing ambassador Nadine and the traffic held us up and we missed our class. We were fortunate enough to be able to get into...

Form Studios

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Roshni wearing our Speed Racer tank, both in our Cool Runnings leggings

On Wednesday, Shaleena and I booked ourselves in for a class at Form in Notting Hill. When we arrived we realised that it was just going to be the two of us in the class, which ended up being a huge relief given how challenged we were during the 50 minute workout. Form is not your average pilates class. The workout is done on a MOTR (MOre Than a Roller) device – which challenges your...

Hamelin D'abell Method

On Monday, we were invited to try a class with Hamelin D’abell, creator of the Hamelin D’abell Method. The method incorporates exercises from barre and Pilates workouts. The class took place at the lovely Egoist Body Studio, just off Tottenham Court Road. There were just three of us in the class so it was very intimate. We started our workout on the mat and then moved to the barre. The movements involved plank, leg raises, kicks and the clam to give us a full body blast. What was most difficult for both Shaleena and...

Review of Frame Method

Roshni wearing our Speed Racer tank

Last night, I tried my first class at Frame, one of London’s best workout studios. They have branches in Shoreditch and Queen’s Park and offer a whole range of workouts including yoga, pilates, and dance classes. I opted for Frame Method, a signature class, which combines pilates and barre work. There were just four of us in the class (I think there were some issues on the Bakerloo in the evening), so we all received lots of personal attention and adjusting.

We started...