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Hot Pilates with Lilly Sabri

On Monday, I booked myself in for a free taster session of Hot Pilates with Lilly Sabri. When I left my house to drive to Kentish Town, it was pitch black outside and pouring down with rain. I nearly decided to stay in with a glass of Malbec and the first episode of Gotham, but after a weekend of boozy indulgence I knew I had to get myself back on track. Five minutes into the class, I knew my drizzly drive was most certainly worth it.

The class was at Fierce Grace, London’s best...

Ten Pilates Blitz Block

Our first guest blogpost – my sister decided to purchase the Ten Pilates Blitz Block package before leaving for her honeymoon in sunny California. We asked her to keep a diary of her experience over the seven days. 


With 7 days to go until my honeymoon, I decided I needed a last ditch attempt to boost my not-so-bikini-body with a TenPilates Pre-Holiday Blitz Block: 5 classes in 7 days. 

Day 1: 5 days of gluttony, binge drinking and not working out has seriously taken a toll on my body. And to couple with that Luke conducted...