The Female Lead

Last year, Shaleena and I were approached about getting involved with a video series on 20 women in their 20s (doing awesome things). The point of the video was to show young girls that they can be anything that they want to be and shouldn't let stereotypes and naysayers get in the way of their dreams. It sounded like a great project and speaking to girls in schools is something Shaleena and I have always wanted to do. We had no idea what we had signed up to so were a little taken aback when a whole production team arrived at our tiny office! Here's the whole collection of videos in the series. 

We make it a point to say yes to almost everything we're invited to, as you never know where it might take you. This was definitely an occasion on which we had stepped into something so much bigger than ourselves, without even realising. The Female Lead have now come out with a book featuring 'Women who Shape our World'. It has the most awe-inspiring women in it from Meryl Streep to `Jo Malone. We were invited to their incredible launch party at One Marylebone this week and received a beautiful copy of the book. It felt amazing to be part of a movement we feel so strongly about, especially at a time when we're seeing women rise up and unite all over the world to fight for what they believe in. The future is female. 

Be persistent. 

Shaleena and Roshni

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