Review of Oncore Spinning

Roshni & I signed up for an Oncore spinning class in South Kensington, which was held in a Fitness First Gym. I initially wasn’t looking forward to this class because I hadn’t yet got back into the swing of working out since my sun filled-Christmas holidays. Coming back to the cold I have found it exceedingly hard to get out of the bed in the morning and even find myself falling asleep midday because the sun has gone down.

However, I’ve been forcing myself to workout and my energy levels improved immensely. The studio is a 3 minute walk from the tube station & we had access to the fitness first changing room facilities. The class held around 15-20 people, it was dark with coloured strobe lights. We were assisted while setting up our bikes and we’re told to go at a pace we felt comfortable. The instructor told us that the class moves to the beat of the music and that we do a lot of ‘push ups’ on the bike as we go, she said we would be going up down, side to side, holding the push with our elbows facing in or out.

When the music started I was worried the music would be crazy techno that would give me a headache, but I was presently surprised when a mix of hip hop, rap and not too aggressive house came on. We were pushing ourselves up and down off the bikes and it felt a bit like bobbing for apples, but when I looked in the mirror at the entire class in sync we looked like a dance routine.

The constant combination movements standing, cycling and bobbing was amazing because I could feel the burn everywhere & I was actually sweating. I have been to too many classes where I feel the instructor is just screaming at me and I can’t be bothered to up my resistance. Before we cooled down we used weights and worked on our arms which was extremely painful, but after all the lights were turned off and a slower song came on and we cycled at a pace we wanted to.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class, it is once of the best spinning classes I have been to in a while, even Roshni who hates spinning enjoyed it and said she would go back!


First Class is Free

Intro offer: £15 New to Oncore intro offer valid for 28 days from first use

5 classes: £12 per class

10 classes: £10 per class

Keep Spinning,

Shaleena & Roshni

What we’re listening to: ‘Dream Machine’ Mark Farina & Sean Hayes

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