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To further our 'Give it Another Go' message, we're launching a social media campaign to encourage women to share their fitness stories. Drop us an email ( if you'd like to be featured! 
Katie's story: 

I never set out to be fitness blogger, or quit my job to become a PT and nutrition coach. Admittedly, I’ve always been naturally quite fit, but to...

'Run Like a Girl' Running Club

Last night we had our last running club of the year. We’ve only been organising our runs since September but they’ve been a lot of fun so far! Christmas is just around the corner and we wanted to add some festivity to our 5k so we picked Somerset House as our starting point. It’s my absolute favourite London landmark. It has an ice rink in winter, an outdoor cinema during the summer and of course hosts London Fashion Week.

Our amazing ambassador, Carly, from Project Hot Bitch always leads our runs....

'Give it Another Go' Ballet Class

On Saturday, we hosted our first event as part of our ‘Give it Another Go’ campaign. We’ve been overwhelmed by the responses we’ve received from women who’ve identified with our story of not being the ‘sporty girl’ at school, so we decided to start a campaign to address this. It’s so sad to hear people say they can’t do things. We call can. Maybe we wont be the fastest, strongest or most flexible, but we can still run that 10k, hold that yoga pose and handle any crazy workout that comes our way...